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About Me

I've been a creative little soul since I was a child, ​watching my late father paint oil landscapes. The smell ​of linseed oil takes me back to childhood!

I'm a Reiki Master and run my own business so art is ​my therapy and gives me headspace.

The natural world is my muse and inspires most of my ​work. I have experimented with many styles and am ​now exploring figurative art and bold colour.

My Art Projects

Acrylic Realism

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Oils & Landscapes

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Abstract Art & Watercolour

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Acrylic Realism - I loved ​working on this project.

It taught me patience ​amongst other things! I ​had never really used ​acrylics before taking this ​course so it greatly ​helped me learn how to ​use them well, the ​importance of tone & ​how to blend edges.

Oils & ​Landscapes

Oils were my first love and I adore the depth they bring to ​natural scenes, painting with the palette knife is something I ​love as well - and oils are perfect for that!

Watercolours are fun - ​and so unpredictable!

I use them for sacred art ​workshops, and also ​created a full animal art ​collection back in 2021 - ​limited edition prints are ​available.

Abstract Art

Paint pouring and abstract art is always fun - and I love hearing what people see in the flows. I ​have some of these creations up on the wall at home and every day I notice something new - ​what do you see?

After years of ​trying different ​styles, I am now ​exploring ​figurative work ​and story telling ​through art

Bold Colour Bootcamp Course

Latest work

Here are some of my latest pieces, created in my brand new studio which has recently just been ​built - I am loving having a dedicated space for art and creativity once more - these studio pieces ​from my new “Faces That Tell Stories” collection are available for sale - contact me to buy.

They are 8"x10" acrylics, unframed £95 plus P&P.

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I am loving my new studio space - the perfect place ​to create new art and explore creativity!

Art for Sale

“Deep Beneath Her Dreams”

In a world where dreams weave tapestries of imagination, there lies a stirring within ​her soul. A restless knowing whispers in the depths of her being, hinting at untapped ​potential and unexplored possibilities.

As she imagines, a subtle shift occurs, unseen yet profound. Deep beneath the ​surface of her dreams, the energy begins to pulse and shimmer, like ripples on a ​tranquil pond. It is a quiet awakening, a gentle stirring of dormant desires and hidden ​truths.

Anything is possible. The world becomes a canvas upon which she may paint her ​wildest dreams, a playground where she may dance with the stars and roam the ​realms of imagination.

She embraces the stirring within her soul, knowing that deep beneath her dreams, ​lies the power to shape her own destiny.

To enquire about purchasing this piece please contact me. Acrylic on hexagonal ​canvas, £300 inc. UK P&P.

"The Wingleader"

Perched upon a backdrop of deep blues, the Wingleader stands tall, his ​ebony feathers glistening with the wisdom of ages past. With a watchful ​eye he gazes over his shoulder, ever vigilant and unwavering in his ​resolve.

Battle-worn yet undefeated, the Wingleader embodies resilience and ​strength. He is the guardian of the skies, fiercely loyal and protective of his ​comrades. In his presence, you'll find solace and peace, knowing that ​beneath his watchful gaze, all is safe and secure.

Amidst subtle shapes that dance in the background, the Wingleader ​stands as a symbol of courage and fortitude. His presence brings a sense ​of calm, a reminder that even in the face of adversity, there is hope and ​unwavering determination.

As he waits for his comrades, the Wingleader offers a silent promise: that ​no matter the challenges ahead, he will stand as a beacon of strength and ​protection, guiding those who seek refuge under his watchful gaze.

To enquire about purchasing this piece please contact me. Acrylic on ​square 50cm x 50cm stretched canvas, £400 inc. UK P&P. Prints available ​from £49 incl. UK P&P.

Silhouette of a flock birds. Black flying pigeons. Tattoo.
Watercolor  five lemons bouquet illustration

The Inquisitive Garden Visitor

In a tranquil garden, vibrant lemon trees stood tall, their branches heavy ​with bright yellow fruit. Amidst this serene setting, an inquisitive young ​crow made its home. Each morning, it would flutter down from the ​treetops, landing amidst the foliage with a gentle rustle, its sharp eyes ​scanning the garden with curiosity.

The crow was especially fond of the lemon trees, hopping from branch to ​branch, pecking lightly at the lemons and nibbling on the leaves. One day, ​it noticed a sparkling silver pendant lying on the ground. Intrigued, the ​crow picked it up & placed it gently on a flat stone, standing guard over it.

The garden's caretaker noticed the crow's peculiar behaviour and watched ​with interest. When the pendant's owner returned, retracing her steps, the ​crow led her to the pendant, its intelligent eyes gleaming with satisfaction.

From that day on, the young crow became a beloved guardian of the ​garden, exploring and protecting its verdant home, forever a part of the ​garden's magic.

To enquire about purchasing this piece please contact me. Acrylic on ​square 50cm x 50cm stretched canvas, £400 inc. UK P&P. Prints available ​£49 incl. UK P&P.

Lemons Corner Border
Stardust Illustration

"Cosmic Dreamer"

In the heart of a starlit universe, where galaxies weave tales of ancient wisdom, there lived a ​cosmic dreamer. She roamed the cosmos, her spirit intertwined with the celestial dance of ​planets and constellations.

With eyes closed, she soared through nebulae, trailing stardust in her wake. Her soul pulsed ​with the rhythm of the cosmos. She held a single feather, a token of her connection to the ​infinite. She surrendered to the embrace of the universe, letting her spirit soar on wings of pure ​starlight.

In this mystical realm, dreams take flight, and imagination reigns supreme. It is a place where ​souls dance with the light of a thousand stars, and every whisper carries the promise of ​enchantment.

Her thoughts wove tales of wonder and magic, painting the heavens with her hopes and ​desires. Each brushstroke of her mind brought the universe to life, filling the void with a ​kaleidoscope of colours and shapes.

With the hint of a smile upon her lips, she knew that she would forever be a cosmic dreamer, ​wandering the stars in search of magic and wonder.

To enquire about purchasing this piece please contact me. Acrylic on canvas board 59.4cm x ​84.1 cm (23.4" x 33.1") £700 inc. UK P&P. Prints available soon!

Cosmic Vintage Planet
flying leaves

The Keeper of the Lost Library

In the heart of an ancient forest, hidden from the eyes of men, stood the remnants of an old library. ​This was no ordinary library; it was a repository of forgotten knowledge, a sanctuary for ancient ​wisdom, and a place where magic still whispered through the dust-laden air. The abandoned hall ​spoke of a time long past, yet the place still pulsed with an undeniable aura of enchantment.

Perched upon a pile of old hardback books, sat a solitary crow its feathers shimmering with a deep, ​iridescent indigo that seemed to absorb the very light around it. This crow was no ordinary bird; it ​was the Keeper of the Lost Library, a sentinel appointed by the ancient wizards to guard the secrets ​within.

An open book lay in the foreground, its pages rustling softly as if stirred by an unseen hand. The ​crow's sharp eyes glinted with intelligence as it guarded the text. Through the shattered windows, ​shafts of light filtered in, casting a glow that illuminated the delicate strands of foliage and leaves ​that had begun to reclaim the space. Nature, it seemed, was eager to weave its own stories into the ​tapestry of the library's history.

The enchantment of the place was timeless, and the crow's presence was a testament to the ​enduring power of knowledge and magic. What secrets did this crow guard? The answers lay ​within the pages of the ancient tomes, waiting for the right moment, or the right soul, to uncover ​them.

And so, in the heart of the ancient forest, the crow remained, the ever-watchful guardian of the lost ​library, a bridge between the past and the mysteries that awaited discovery.

Acrylic on canvas board, unframed 16x20" £350 inc. UK P&P. Prints also available £49 inc. UK P&P.

flying leaves

"The Crow and the Moon Pool"

In this captivating painting, a solitary crow perches elegantly on the edge of ​a moonlit pool, its feathers glistening with an ethereal sheen.

The scene is set within the hauntingly beautiful ruins of an ancient ​courtyard, where ivy-clad arches and weathered stone walls whisper tales ​of forgotten times.

The moon, full and luminous, casts a silvery glow across the serene water, ​creating an almost magical reflection that seems to merge the boundaries ​between reality and fantasy.

Flickering torches line the passageways, their warm light contrasting with ​the cool, mystical ambiance of the night. In the foreground, a stack of old, ​leather-bound books and a solitary candle suggest a place of quiet ​contemplation and hidden knowledge.

This artwork masterfully blends elements of mystery and serenity, drawing ​the viewer into a timeless, enchanting world.

Acrylic on canvas board, unframed 16x20" £350 inc. UK P&P. Prints also ​available £49 inc. UK P&P

Gallery space

The images on this page and the next give you a flavour of ​my previous work - most are sold, some prints available.

The crows were inspired by a Reiki ​vision I had while seeing a client and ​the little oil sketches below are studies ​I painted taken from Jenny Aitken’s ​Painting into the Light book. I love to ​always learn and improve my skills.

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